What else have they got?

What else have they got?

That is the question that continues to come up in our discussions with investors as we have talked about the chink in the armor of central banks’ after the recent Japan experience

The Brewing Student Debt Problem

Student loans slowly began to fill the pot of household debt during the turn of the millennia.

There Is A Chink In The Armor

In a post-crisis world, central bankers have been the super heroes swooping in to snatch potential victims from an unseemly fate. However, recent market activity suggests that some are starting to question the “super” powers central bankers really have.

Some Food For Thought

Eyes turn toward another data point in the US this weekend: the Super Bowl. Notoriously superstitious, equity market traders look for every kind of insight imaginable to try to get an edge including this event.

It’s not all negative out there…

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) gave a boost to the market’s animal spirits with an unanticipated cut to the deposit rate on excess cash held above required reserves to a negative interest rate.