Higher Growth Doesn’t Always Mean Higher Returns

Higher Growth Doesn’t Always Mean Higher Returns

Recent fears regarding Brexit and its potentially detrimental impact on economic growth have market prognosticators worried about the resulting side effects on financial markets.

Q3 2016 Quarterly Outlook

It seems like the investor thirst for yield is unending.

If You Miss A Day, You Can Miss A Lot

Every day this week had a top headline that is directly relevant to the market narrative at hand- some positive, some tragic.

Does It Count?

What would appear to be a “blowout” employment report in the US on Friday created a favorable environment for risk assets, but carried with it a footnote.

Don’t Delude Yourself

The story does not end here. After the tumult unleashed last Friday with the UK referendum indicating a desire to exit from the European Union, the financial markets experienced more gyrations.