Hard Times, Easy Money, & Sleeping Well



Edge Capital Research Team


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We thought it timely to revisit our thoughtful white paper – Hard Times, Easy Money, & Sleeping Well – that we published exactly two years ago to summarize our forward looking views and provide for additional summer reading.

It was a reminder that Monty Capuletti’s “Easy Money” isn’t what it used to be, as safe investments don’t pay like they used to. Growth and yield was in short supply; meanwhile, the demand for the things and experiences we find dear continued to climb higher, resulting in some sleepless nights knowing that traditional income streams are insufficient for keeping up with continuing obligations and rising costs. We considered some alternative thinking on how you can best approach the problem of higher expenses in a low-growth, lower-return world. We investigated what a return composition that favors growing cash flow streams might accomplish.


Current pre-tax and estimated after-tax yields of major asset classes