Q2 2016- Quarterly Outlook

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Q2 2016- Quarterly Outlook

If you closed your eyes during the quarter, you missed one heck of a ride.

What else have they got?

That is the question that continues to come up in our discussions with investors as we have talked about the chink in the armor of central banks’ after the recent Japan experience

There Is A Chink In The Armor

In a post-crisis world, central bankers have been the super heroes swooping in to snatch potential victims from an unseemly fate. However, recent market activity suggests that some are starting to question the “super” powers central bankers really have.

First Week Of 2016 Is Full Of Macro Matters

Macro matters. That has been the case since the global financial crisis and the first week of 2016 sought to remind us of that fact. These first days of the year seemed an onslaught of information which heaped onto the pile of stress for financial markets.